“You need to make sure you’ve got the team, the focus, and the maturity.”

“Being a small company and working with companies of those sizes is difficult, and for us it’s all about laying out the relationship and not trying to bottle the ocean.”

His cautions approach to expansion should not be mistaken for a lack of confidence in the product.

Short said the company is trying to solve what he and co-founder, Mark Perera (previously founder of Procurement Leaders) consider to be a big problem.

One of the customers using the platform, with just one of their suppliers gained 146 weeks back to the business in personnel time over a year, he claims.

Extrapolated to bigger businesses, there is “a huge amount of returns on ROI”, he said.

Both Perera and Short previously worked in procurement, and wanted to see a ‘Facebook for procurement’, an antidote to the reliance on emails and existing software available.

“I grew up on Facebook, and you can order your food online so why is procurement software for managing these strategic relationships which could be worth a billion, so difficult to support?” Short asked.

In founding Vizibl in 2013, then known as Old St. Labs, the company has quickly grown an appetite for bigger fish. Short singled out Apple as a company it would like to reach.

“We’re not scared of going in there and rubbing shoulders with the big boys. To date, it is what has proven out our business model and why we’ve had the investment,” he said.

It will now use its recent investment to expand sales, marketing, and business development.

It also plans to bring in what Short refers to as ‘grey hairs’; new minds “with a bit more experience to get us to that next level and really take the business forward.”

It is also looking to add more new features to the platform by harnessing AI to speed up the process further.

“The key to our success has been that we have our hands on the data and we make sure we’re using the data to empower the individuals that are using the product.”

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