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Our award-winning team specialise in tax advantaged investment services

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We have a range of debt and equity solutions for SMEs. See how we can help by clicking here.

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We advise SMEs on a range of corporate transactions and provide bespoke investment solutions.

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Who are Seneca Partners?

Seneca Partners is an award-winning specialist SME investment business. Formed in 2010, and headquartered in the North West of England, the management team have extensive experience across a range of sectors, including investment and fund management, private equity, corporate finance, wealth management, accountancy and stockbroking. Seneca has over £100 million of tax advantaged investments under management, which provides equity and debt funding for UK SMEs.

Seneca Partners is also the founding member of the Seneca branded network of companies. This wider Seneca branded network of companies operates from 3 UK-based offices and employs more than 60 people.

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