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Seneca backs Vizibl

Seneca backs Vizibl

The founder and MD of a SaaS platform which has secured household names and millions in funding in just three years has said its global ambitions must be handled with care.

Alex Short, MD and co-founder of Vizibl, told BusinessCloud that the company now counts four of the top ten pharma companies in the world and Vodafone among its clients, along with a recent major FinTech win described as a “stake in the ground”.

The company’s potential has been recognised with the backing of Seneca Partners, who have provided a £2m injection of funding to the business, which has 25 people in its London office, supported with offices in Luxembourg, and a satellite office in New York.

Since founding Vizibl in 2013, then known as Old St. Labs, the company has quickly grown an appetite for bigger fish. Short singled out Apple as a company it would like to reach.

“We’re not scared of going in there and rubbing shoulders with the big boys. To date, it is what has proven out our business model and why we’ve had the investment,” he said.

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