Our custodian

Any funds we receive for investment into our EIS Portfolio and IHT Services are held by the Custodian of these Services, in a dedicated pooled account until used for the purchase of shares. This money is a ‘client account’, separate from the Custodian’s operational account.

Woodside Corporate Services Ltd acts as our Custodian for any new investment into our IHT Service and, from 8th April 2021, will act as our Custodian for all investors in our EIS Portfolio and IHT Services, as well as our legacy EIS & IHT Funds and Services. Woodside Corporate Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference 467652). WCS Nominees will act as Nominee for these Funds and Services.

Custodian’s terms of business

You should be provided with a copy of our Custodian’s Terms and Conditions when you make an investment (either in an electronic or printed format). However, the Custodian will update these from time to time.

Custodian's fees

The standard fees charged by the Custodian are detailed in the Information Memoranda for each Service. This is also the case for previous investments made into one of our legacy Funds or Services. However, there are certain additional ad-hoc fees that are charged only in certain circumstances (e.g. when an investor wishes money to be sent to them by cheque or the administration of an investment when an investor has died). Please contact our Client Relationship Team for further information (clientteam@senecapartners.co.uk).

Important notice

The products and services shown on this website place capital at risk. Investors may receive less in returns than they have invested. Investments may not allow for capital to be withdrawn on demand. If an investment provides tax relief then this relief is subject to change and is dependant on personal circumstances. Any reference to past performance or forecasted performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Seneca Partners recommends that any investor seeks specialised financial and/or tax advice before investing. Seneca Partners does not provide advice and the information on this website, including but not limited to news, should not be construed as such.

Please confirm that you understand this warning and wish to proceed.