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Registering my interest in Seneca’s investment opportunities

Seneca Private Investors

Since our launch in 2010, we have often been approached by investors seeking different investment opportunities, whether these be a discretionary service or fund (where we make the decision on where their money should be invested) or an individual property or equity investment (where the investor knows exactly what they will be investing in).

Due to the increased volume of these enquiries, we have decided to launch the Seneca Private Investors service to help meet this demand. Investors who enrol in the service will periodically be sent investment opportunities, whether these are offered by Seneca or other investee companies seeking investment. If an investor expresses an interest in a particular investment opportunity, we will send them further details allowing them to make an informed decision on whether they wish to invest.

Seneca Private Investors is not an advisory service. Investors pay no fee to be enrolled in the service nor is there a minimum amount of investment they have to commit to.

If you would like to enrol in Seneca Private Investors, please download and read the Terms and Conditions and then complete the form below.

Download and read the Terms and Conditions

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