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The Seneca Inheritance Tax Service (IHT) Service is designed to provide a simple and effective solution for investors. After only two years, the Service should offer 100% relief from IHT on the amount invested, without the need for Trusts or gifting.

We are looking to deliver both competitive returns and protect investors’ assets for the long-term whilst offering them continued access to their investment should their circumstances change.

The Seneca IHT Service is managed by a specialist team focused on delivering a flexible and secure solution.

Inheritance tax is a challenging issue for an increasing number of UK families due to the combined impact of house price inflation, changes in UK tax legislation, the uncertain future for long term care and the complexity and cost of existing options for IHT mitigation. At present HMRC will take 40% of your hard-earned wealth, over a threshold of £325,000 after you die (known as the individual’s nil rate band). This threshold may be increased if your spouse or civil partner predeceases you or a part of your estate comprises of residential property.There are a number of ways to reduce your family’s exposure to IHT, such as insurance policies, gifts and trusts, but these have varying degrees of cost, complexity and how long they take to become effective. One theme in the majority of these methods is the loss of control of your assets, potentially permanently.

Using existing legislation on Business Property Relief and our long-standing experience in running conservative lending strategies, Seneca Partners has created the Seneca Inheritance Tax Service. This is a simple, low-risk solution to the issue that allows you to retain ownership of your assets and still maximise the IHT relief you receive.

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